Healthy Neighborhoods Project

Association of Neighborhood Physical and Social Environments with Residents’ Physical Activity Behaviors and Overall Health

The purpose of the Greenville Healthy Neighborhoods Project (GHNP) is to explore the relationship between neighborhood physical and social environment attributes and how both are related to residents’ physical activity patterns and overall health.
walking-along-pathEight lower income neighborhoods in Greenville County, SC that are diverse with respect to available community resources and other walkability attributes participated in the Greenville Healthy Neighborhoods Project. Starting in February, 2014 focus groups were conducted in each neighborhood with approximately 8-11 residents. Findings from these focus groups were used to develop a household survey. Between September and December 2014, 430 adults provided detailed information about perceptions of the physical and social attributes of the neighborhoods as well as their self-reported physical activity and overall health and well-being.
 In 2015, the Greenville Healthy Neighborhoods Project research team will begin to analyze these data in order to inform both policy and residents alike about the role of neighborhood environments on health. 


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